Aroos Damascus, Dubai

Walking in the streets of Deira, starving at 2 am, I noticed this lively place in a corner. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it seemed like a decent place for dinner.

I'm a vegetarian and it was not easy to find food in a country where people love meat.

However, this place didn't disappoint me. I glanced the menu and found 'Hommos' but I wanted more. So, I asked the waiter and he knew exactly what I was looking for.

The food was on my table was quicker than expected and it was awesome! Falafel, pita bread, salads, juice and not to mention, the pickled olives, chilis, gherkins and radish, all were prepared well.

That day, I ate like a horse as I was both exhausted and starving. Being a foodie, it was one of the best experiences in Dubai.

Furthermore, the prices were economical, looking at the quantity and the quality. The timings of this place were unique, from 7am to 3am.


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